My weekly Wrap up as Army Spouse of the Year!

Here is my weekly wrap up of this amazing journey I am on by winning the Army branch of Military Spouse Magazine Award for 2011. You know I see all these amazing women around me Babette for founding Military Spouse Magazine, and the host of Navy Wife Blog Radio, it inspires me to go out and outreach further into the military community.

Tuesday night all 5 of the branch winners had an interview on Navy Wife Blog Radio, which was so amazing, you know I think I would love to be on the radio, talking to people and interviewing them, interacting with my listeners. That is really cool and I am so grateful the Navy Wife Blog Radio had us on. We each got about 10 minutes to talk about what accomplishments we had achieved and about us.

On Wednesday of this past week I had a photo-shoot for Military Spouse Magazine. It was scheduled a few weeks ago but I really didn't make too much out of it. I was like well I would just put on some mascara and put my hair off to the side. Wednesday morning I get a call from a make up artist named Kira from Shishedo Cosmetics saying she would be at my house around 4 to do my make up. I was like WOW totally floored I couldn't believe it! Still I can't believe it. This has been an amazing month. So I was thinking, "I am going to get makeup before this photo shoot." It still hasn't hit me yet, so when the make up artist shows up, she works for ShiShedo Cosmetics and gave me a bag with samples of the facial skin care line. I must say I LOVE this skin cream, it makes your skin feel super smooth, I recommend it, and I am going to the PX this weekend to purchase some items.

Kira sets up, and goes to work, and matched the make up with my eye color, and was "like you should wear something pink". So I changed and  then she does my hair, TOTALLY SHOCKED! I looked like a different person. She was like don't take a picture with your glasses on, so I didn't wear them. Around 6:30 the photographer showed up, her name is Petra. She comes in with the light boxes and the backdrop. Now I am really feeling like a rock star by now. We take several pictures and usually I am the one taking photos of others, but today it is ME!

So the makeup artist stayed and fixed my hair differently for a few other shots and then left. My husband didn't get to make it home in time, the army decided to work late! However we did get shots with the kids

So on Friday, the Public Affairs Officer came to my house to do a dry run of the interview that is going to happen on Monday. She also told me that the Paraglide (Fort Bragg's Newspaper) will be doing a story on me as well! We chatted and she was really excited to hear my story and everything I have accomplished as a Military Spouse. I am really excited and can't wait for the interview on MONDAY!

Then I received an email from one of my best friends, Sunday I was going with her to an event called Evening with the Stars and all proceeds will go to the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, Inc. Well she let them know I was her guest and she said that I deserved recognition for my achievement and so I am really excited to see what happens.

On March 12 the Cross Creek Mall will be ending their week long event saluting the Military and I will be there with Blue Star Families but the event coordinator said it was very exciting that the Army Spouse of the Year would be there, so they are going to recognize me at that event as well! OK readers stay tuned for next week's adventures!


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