How to Practice Opsec and Persec especially Military Spouses

What is OPSEC? OPSEC stands for Operational Security.

Intelligence collection and analysis is very much like assembling a picture puzzle. Intelligence collectors are fully aware of the importance of obtaining small bits of information, or "pieces" of a puzzle, from many sources and assembling them to form the overall picture.

What is PERSEC? PERSEC stands for Personal Security.

Do not post personal information anywhere on the internet, such as your address, phone number, place where you work, etc.

You know I have to sit back and think that this week has been full of surprises good ones and bad ones. My mom's debit card number was stolen, and they went crazy shopping with her number. She's not sure how they got it because she doesn't use her card online at ALL! A young professional group that I am a part of had their website hacked and had been completely changed to a different countries language who knows what it said. My email account for the non profit organization I work with was hacked, so it got me to thinking, wow what is this world coming too! If these people wanted to they could just have messed me up! Just crazy, everything this week was hacked or changed. I have taken a lot to build up my brand, Crystal Cavalier. I even saw a couple of pictures that my friend photo-shopped of me into certain places and it looks SO REAL!

So as I watched this weekend on facebook, nearly all my friends were posting "at the mall with so and so, checked in at pretzel palace, 30 min ago" I was amazed that these people were posting all this craziness while the rest of their families or home was left unprotected. Just thinking if someone was really stalking you, or wanted to find out more information all they had to do was impersonate someone as a friend and can find out your every move. I was also reading stuff about my friends who dropped their spouses off at the train stations or airports, that just said hello I am vulnerable come get me. Seriously no matter who we are women or men, we need to practice just a little bit more OPSEC and PERSEC. I once read from the Chief of the Staff US ARMY,

"the Enemy aggressively reads  our open source and continues to exploit such information for use against our Forces. Some soldiers continue to post sensitive information to Internet websites and BLOGS, e.g., photos depicting weapon system vulnerabilities and tactics, techniques, and procedures. Such OPSEC violations needlessly place lives at risk and degrade the effectiveness of our operations. Our mission success and soldiers lives depend on aggressively denying the Enemy any advantage."

I really take this serious, now
don't get me wrong 6 months ago I was in love with four square but now I just don't find it as important! I find this kind of dangerous technology has changed the world of cyberspace: everything is public, you can't take back what is posted. Little pieces of information can cause serious trouble, not just for you, but for other military families, as well.


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