Death hits hard

Most of my friends know that I don't like death, caskets, funeral homes, etc, I can't deal with it. Death is easy for the person who dies but the family and friends they leave behind, it is so much harder. Death really makes me sad and it is so hard for me to deal with. As I sit here and try to cope with a friend's passing it has been extremely hard. I understand when a person has been ill for a long time, or something to that affect, but when a person passes away at a young age or suddenly it just makes it harder for me to deal with. I am still in shock that he passed away. I prefer not to be on a CARE TEAM as the person to go sit with the family, I would much rather prepare food.

They had his funeral today and I tell you what I have been to several memorials for soldiers and that never gets any easier, but I have only been to two funerals for close friends, one in high school (Tabitha was in a car wreck, and Lisandro, he just passed away). Last year one of my husband's battle buddies was killed, I am still in shock, he was called home way before I was ready to say goodbye. I went to the funeral home but just couldn't get out, so I drove back home. The thought of seeing him in the casket is not the way I want to remember him and I can see him just laying in the casket. Just so sad, I do remember the last time I saw Lisandro was in his office when I was leaving the 82nd to go work for USASOC, I remember him telling me about family and how much he loves his kids and nothing would stop him from taking care of his kids, those were the last words he said to me, and "don't forget us in 1ST BDE when you get to USASOC, and we still got to do lunch".

I really feel sad for his wife, 2 small children and all his other family that he leaves behind. Lisandro always had a smile on his face, he was always willing to help you out, he always asked how my daugther was doing with her illness. He was a really nice guy and everyone liked him....I guess God needed him in heaven more than we needed him here on earth.

Just so sad that he died so young. I know Lisandro is saying, why you being so sad, it's life, that's the way it is. Jessica if you read this, let me know if you need anything.


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