Commissary Shopping on a Pay Day ;) oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Ok so I did the no-no, I went to the commissary on a pay day weekend, with three kids, which one of them was telling me how she was dying of hunger!

I had to make the decision which store to shop it, I went with the closest one to my house, the North Post Commissary. Which means, store is older, isles are smaller, and not as much food selection to choose from.

So at first it wasn't as crowded as I thought, the parking lot was full but it wasn't crowded as I have seen it. The first half of the store was ok, I put my two youngest in the spaceship cart, and proceeded to fly around the store as fast as  I could! Towards the end in the frozen section, I realized how much I hate shopping in the Commissary, maybe it is b/c the isles are really small, and everyone is just standing around and it is almost like some sort of obstacle course. People speaking different languages, not knowing personal space, my kids yelling "I want snacks". Here I am constantly saying excuse me, pardon me, sorry, while people just stand around, don't they see I am on a mission? I have three kids, two in a buggy whom one wants to get out, a older one walking around like "mom I am dying of hunger".

This grocery experience is right up there with chores I hate to do, right along with cleaning toilets! The check out line was actually great, no waiting in lines that wraps around the store, maybe a 2 minute wait.

Needless to say I realize that (1) I won't go back on a pay day weekend for a long long while(2) I won't take all three of my kids, especially my son who is growing through the terrible 3's! I do believe in making my children behave, so it was a test of wills between me and my son, and I won! Who knew a almost 4 year old would be this hard headed!


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