What gets us in the Holiday Spirit?

I need your help and I want to hear what you have to say! I have been thinking about what gets me in the holiday spirit. I think it has to be around Thanksgiving and the cold weather. Growing up in NC, the weather has always been chilly around the holidays and that is what gets me in the mood. We never had large holiday gatherings for Thanksgiving, so I didn't get a lot of family time but I did get quality time with my mom and grandparents.

I think we would always put our tree up after Thanksgiving and every weekend we would listen to Christmas albums. We had a tape player but the Christmas music was always played on records. CD players didn't come out until I was in the 5th grade. But also making Christmas cookies, and making Christmas pastries and decorating the house. That really gets me in the mood. I have always wanted to attend or host one of those fancy cocktail parties but I run out of time to plan it, maybe next year when I have grad school out of the way I can focus on entertaining!

I want to start a new Holiday tradition, like reading a holiday book to the family. So what traditions do you do?

Post comments I love to hear from you..


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