Here are my tips for surviving deployments and separations:

Call Red Cross, ACS or the Installation Volunteer Coordinator for volunteer opportunities.
Set a goal.  Start the program or project you’ve been putting off..  Go back to school. Initiate, don’t wait for the phone to ring.  Plan an outing or a special dinner, then call several friends to join you. Travel.  New scenery and change of pace, if only for a day or two does wonders for the spirit.  Plan on taking a friend and making a day out of it. Go to work. Take a break.  Take time away from your children.  Laugh. Don’t feel guilty about going out with friends and leaving your children with a sitter.  Keep a journal of your thoughts and activities while your sponsor is away to help “catch up” when they return.  Join a group. Don’t always call or run home. If you and your spouse have some differences, try to work them out before he leaves.  Find a “buddy”, another military spouse who is also alone temporarily.  Don't sit home on weekends


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