Blue Star Families Partners with GOOGLE

Keeping in touch with family during the holiday season can be challenging for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for military families with loved ones serving around the country or overseas.

Gmail’s built in video chat and *free calls to the U.S. and Canada
<> can help keep friends and family in contact regardless of how far apart they may be. To make staying in touch this holiday season even easier for military families,
Google is offering a $10 calling credit to help them reach their loved ones serving abroad.

These international call credits can be used to make calls with Google Voice or from right inside Gmail, and will provide families with roughly 30 minutes of call time to Afghanistan, 60 minutes to Iraq, or hundreds
of minutes to many countries in Europe and around the world.

To make this possible, Google has partnered with Blue Star Families and Sesame Street, two organizations dedicated to supporting servicemembers and their families.

To be eligible for $10 calling credits, military family members must: 

~Be a member of either Blue Star Families or Sesame Street Family Connections — registration is free for all military families
~Provide their Gmail address

~ Enable calling in Gmail and accept the terms of service

~Or, have an existing Google Voice account

~Complete this registration form <> by December 22, 2010

We recognize the sacrifices military family members make when loved ones serve abroad, and we’re proud to help make it a little bit easier for families to stay connected over the holidays.

At this time, Google Voice and calling in Gmail are available in the U.S. only. Read the Article


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