So Funny we have to remember our Active Duty Sponsor's Social

A funny thought:

So as I was sitting in the Emergency Room of ARMC in Burlington NC, with my son and his head gash for 4 hours, we finally get back into the ER. The patient representative came in and was like, have you ever been here before and I said it was about 5 years ago.

(which doesn't seem that long ago but it was when I was home visiting from KS, and Samantha's ear drum burst. So we went to the same hospital 5 years ago but man it seems so much longer than that)

So the Patient Rep goes through the usual run down, like child's name, DOB, and his social and I was like phh lady I don't know what, then she asked me, "What's your social hun?" I was like wait and I have been so use to, Sponsor's Last Social, Sponsor's Date of Birth that when she asked for mine, I totally forgot for a moment what my social was for a moment. It completely shocked me, that I was like give me a minute to recall it LOL.

It is so amazing that after 10 years of knowing my husband's social, that for a brief moment I forgot mine, and it was kinda shocking for someone to ask my my social LOL.


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