Morals and Values

As I sit here and reflect over that classes I took this past weekend. I think back to the facilitator who got me to thinking about this. Everyone has different values and morals in which they were raised. I think back to my husband he was born and raised in Quebec. His mom is French Canadian and his dad is Haitian. He moved here to the US when he was around 14. He has two sisters but I am not sure he was taught to fight for the women in his life.

I was always taught that you need to do hard work in order to make it in life, you need to study hard and be the best. Don't worry about the people around you, right now you have to succeed in school if you want to make it. This is what my grandparents taught me from elementary school. I was in ballet, tap, violin and piano. I learned lessons in life, I didn't have to work hard in the tobacco fields like my grandparents, or work on the farm.

I had an easy life, all I had to concentrate on was school. I had chores in the morning like helping bring in the firewood to help Daddybill start the fire in the mornings, take the trash out. Help clean up the house, wash the dishes, etc. My grandfather before he was a teacher was a brick mason, that's when my mom was little, my grandmother worked in a diner. Then my grandmother went back to college and got her master's degree and started teaching. My grandfather got a vocational teaching job, teaching masonry at a junior high school. They always taught me to work hard.

My point is now. That it is hard when you get married to someone who doesn't have the same values or morals. They didn't want kids and you did, or they don't think they should have to do house work, they think it isn't their job to help out. All they want to do is play video games. It makes it hard to show my kids who think that playing games is the greatest, and they can just go into the Army if they make ok grades.

I am trying to instill that there are better things in life. I also think that my exposure to college and different cultures had a HUGE impact on life. It isn't like I have backpacked in Europe but it has opened my eyes to all different possibilities in life. It is like Plato's Allegory out of the cave, I have been out of the cave and I am trying to tell my husband that it is more to life than what he sees all he has to do is be open minded and try new things. True he has been to more places in his life time, however it wasn't the best of places and he was fighting for the US and to save his life. He just doesn't want to come out of the cave. He likes the view "perception is reality".


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