EMO or whatever you want to call it.

So I asked this question what EMO is, I am really still not sure. Emo on the internet is a type of music, or something where the kids dress in black. Some people say it is a mood type of depression, some say it is when kids who don't like themselves cut themselves. I am not sure but I tell you what from my experience in high school. It just has me thinking about my 4th grader and how to handle the next few years of her life.

Here's my story (well some of it)

Middle School 6th grade I was living with my grandparents, there was only two TVs in the house, there was a radio, and now we had satellite and all the nice things, VCR/DVD player etc. But I never got those things in my bedroom. In class I was expected to bring home A's and B's but more A's than B's, if I brought home a C or D, well I don't know what would have happened, I never brought them home. In Middle school if you are smart you got into the honor society, that is the way it seemed to me, you had the smart kids and then you had the not smart kids. Well my grandparents would always say to me, you are going to college and you need to start now. I remember over the summers I never got a summer break, I was always reading a book, writing a report, doing math to stay ahead. It was like I was in school YEAR ROUND. I also had to have good manners, no smart back talk, be a lady. In school, I was allowed to take extracurricular activities but if I let my grades drop it was cut off. I learned how to play the violin, I took ballet. I remember in the 8th grade I won the regional level for the science fair! I was so proud! It was AWESOME..I never went to the dances b/c my grandparents would wait for me outside, I never went to the movies or out with other kids b/c my grandparents would go with me. I remember I had to fight to go on the 8th grade over night field trip to the beach. LOL IT WAS HILARIOUS I remember my grandma being all mad b/c I wanted to go, and she was like these teachers don't watch the kids, and she was worried that some boy was gonna try to mess with me. LOL haha that was funny. I remember having a boyfriend on the trip then when we got back it was over b/c I was like sorry you just don't fit into my life. I remember having crushes on the middle school football star Cedric, he was so cute! I remember having a crush on Tim Hester, he was tall and cute. However I couldn't have brought these guys to visit my grandparents, they didn't meet their standards LOL, anyway I DIGRESS!

I am trying to say that, is I wasn't allowed the option to dress in all black, or like a hip hop star, it was you going to dress like a young lady and that's it. Also I couldn't watch Rated R movies, or listen to Rap, it was only top 40s and oldies. I was allowed to focus on school work, and if my grades dropped then I couldn't watch TV or talk on the phone. Also my grandparents were into who I hung out with, if the girls were unacceptable then they nipped it right in the bud, and if I wanted to go out, they were in the parking lot waiting for me. I remember I went to the movies, they didn't stop me, they waited outside. I was mortified but hey they were like you can go out but we are going too! Which made me not want to go out. So after a wild year in college I calmed down I had to experience living on my own and balacning not FLUNKING OUT OF COLLEGE, which I managed to do and graduate in 4 1/2 years LOL and changing my major 4 times...
..but I turned out great at 30!


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