Congress wants to cut troop size..

Senator Webb wants to cut troop size.

Dear Senator Webb, 
I know I will not recieve a message from you, and I am not sure your staff will forward this as I
have interned in a Congressional Office and they usually trash these messages. However I 
have several friends who are stationed in VA, and that's where my next job will be.
I am not in your district YET as we are planning a PCS move in the next year. I am a 
Democrat, a concerned wife of a US ARMY SOLDIER and I live in North Carolina. 
I am a Army Spouse of 10 years. I vote in every election, and I volunteer my time to get 
others registered to vote. I volunteer to help other military spouses, I am a mother of three, 
and I am working on my Master’s Degree.
Let me tell you what, Congress already wants to cut the budget, let me tell you what that  
has done, the previous re-organization of the Army, cutting down on the members, has 
severely affected my family and other military members. When you take away potential 
members who would go and serve a year in a deployment, gives my husband a longer dwell 
time to get his head back into the game but repeated deployments back to back, makes it 
rough on soldiers and their families. 
My husband was deployed in March 2003 until April 2004, then he was sent back in January 
2005 until Jan 2006. That was 9 months of dwell time in between two deployments which was
 spent re-training for Iraq again. My husband suffers from nightmares, anger issues and a 
whole host of other PTSD problems. I see you were an officer in the Maine Corps and that is 
commendable, so you should understand how your soldiers you instructed should feel. 
I seriously think you should ask a few enlisted military families who intend on making the
 military a career how is it for us when Top Level Policy Makers make decisions that affects 
the lowest enlisted families. Ultimately what affects the military we feel it ten times as a E5’s 
Please rethink your strategy for the military and do not cut the strength. 


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