Commissary Shopping before Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I went to the Commissary to get the little things I needed for Thanksgiving, I already bought my turkey 14lbs  (I named him Tom Turkey this year, yes I name my turkey) and the ham I got those back in October and they are well sitting in my deep freeze.

So I know not to go to the Commissary on pay days, however I think at Fort Bragg, they need a 3rd Commissary, yesterday afternoon immediately after-work before 4 I went to the commissary and the line was STILL wrapped around the store. Can you believe it and I still didn't get all the supplies I needed for Thanksgiving! I still had to go to Walmart. Fort Bragg has two commissaries a North one and South one. The North isn't open on Mondays and the South is open 7 days a week except for federal holidays. So I always go to the North one because it takes me about 45 minutes to get to the south one. Now granted the South Post Commissary has tons of more stuff than the North, so we usually go like every two months, but still I HATE LINES, I even hate WALMART they have lines. Where I live in Linden Oaks, the closet thing to us is a Food Lion and they know it too. They jack the prices up on everything in that store. I really hope another food store comes out here, or they build a commissary.

However this brings me to a funny story about my son in the commissary, so I never try to take the kids with me shopping because they always see these things they don't have in Walmart that they want to eart. So one day I was in the North Commissary and it was the kids and I, and my my son LOVES chocolate milk, so much that all the chocolate milk he drinks can constipate him, LOL...So as I was explaining to him in the commissary line that his stomach can't take so much chocolate milk, he EXCLAIMS in his 2 1/2 year old voice really LOUD out in front of EVERYONE, "Yeah MOM Chocolate Milk makes me CONSTIPATED, and Apple JUICE gives me DIARRHEA. It was the funniest moments in my life, as the entire 7 people in front of me turned around and looked at me..

I really love the Commissary shopping, I don't like the surcharge they charge but it is almost like tax.


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