3rd Series of a 3(three) part series on Holidays and how to be Stress free!

A little pre-work can make the everything to go smoothly.

~Decide where to set up the buffet.
~Inventory all the serving pieces and utensils
~Arrange the table (pre-set it up) before hand to make sure everything works
~Make a great tablescape

3 Weeks Before Christmas
~Check gift cards from last year to see if you have any $$ left on them, this really saves you big!!
~ Make a Gingerbread House.
~ Make sure all the holiday lights work.
~ Decorate the inside of your house.
~ Make a playlist of your favorite holiday songs

2 Weeks Before Christmas
~ Bake your holiday cookies and place them in a tin!
~ Take a day and pamper yourself, lunch with a friend, get a mani-pedi,
~ If you have a Live Tree, please remember to refresh it with H2O
 ~Take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy all the Christmas lights
~ Wrap some presents ahead of time

1 Week Before Christmas
~Watch "White Christmas" this will totally put you in the Holiday Spirit
~Visit a nursing home and sit with elderly patients who might not have family to visit.
~ Make a Craft, check out www.crafter.com
~ Enjoy time with your family! They are all you have!


  1. Hi Crissy~ Great suggestions. I'm following you along on your journey. What are studying in grad school? Merry Christmas! laura
    visiting from www.imnotatrophywife.blogspot.com


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