Just venting

So I am just venting, I feel so irritated, mad and angry today. I am just to fed up with just about everything. I am tired of school, I am ready to graduate. The one professor slams us with stupid crap 7 weeks left in the semester, after the first two months he was MIA. The 2nd professor has been MIA for the last two months, and we turned in a paper, and all I get is a check mark, no number grade to let me know if it was worthy..Uhhh I can't take it. I am in this political leadership class, and this class is really working my last nerves, I never knew how much work would be involved, needless to say I AM READY FOR DECEMBER TO BE HERE, so it will be OVER. I started this non profit organization and I knew it would be rough, and one of the ladies helping me got talked out of by her husband, I told her it was going to be difficult but don't get discouraged and now she has me discouraged.

I am just about at it. My husband is just a long story, he won't go places with me and the kids, he has been sitting around on getting his transcripts sent off for three weeks now, he could have been made the promotion list but he is just waiting around for someone other than me to tell him to do stuff. He constantly plays video games, sleeps and eats and plays video games.


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