Bad Apples...will ruin your bag

So I am sitting here reflecting on my day. I am glad it is Thursday..It wasn't too bad however this week has been kinda annoying. I don't usually post my feelings but after talking to a friend, they said I need some sort of tenison releaser, I guess I could take up drawing again but I don't know. I just have to say it, there are some people who are really just dancing all on my last nerve. I am so tired of the stupidness of people. I mean really, while my husband was deployed you want to sit and talk trash, about how you miss your spouse, or I don't understand, however your spouse comes home every night, and has dinner with you. I am suppose to feel bad because your spouse is late, well you know what, they come home, they were with you over the holidays.

These people use their spouse's rank, something that their spouse has accomplished on their own. Now these military members without the help of the spouse got this rank, but somehow the spouses think that they are entitled to act like major asses because their husband have some sort of high rank. Several of these people are very negative. However one is really sneaky smiles in your face and then talks major trash behind your back. The other one is just negative, has a dark ora around them never nothing nice to say, always sarcastic remark, and the last person is just psycho, they contacted me months ago and after I tell them what they need to do in order to get information they just ignore me, but then proceeds to tell their spouse lies on top of lies.

However this one person thinks I have the power to get them, they accuse me of acting partial, and biased based on our relationship who in the first place caused the issues. This "one" spouse has nothing to do with where I work however still acts like I control what goes on. I mean these people give me so much more power than I have. But it still drives me insane because it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the entire bag.

I have never met so many ill manner people who are glory hounds walking around with their hands out asking what's in it for me. Making hateful comments, wanting to take the glory of accomplishing something but really all you are doing is just making things worse or saying you are going to do something but never will.


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