Today was the Procedure

So today Catherine had her procedure, it was scary. I was scared she was scared. When it comes to my kids when something is the matter with them, and I can't fix it I get all emotional. It is hard to see them go through something. So we will see how it goes she goes two weeks to the Orthopedic Surgeon, and in 6 weeks back to the Pediatric on lighter news, I finally got the USASOC internship process started, CPAC after two months decided to go ahead an proceed with my job. So I feel a little relieved. I am still pretty mad about CPAC not rating my resume correctly and they just cover it up. I have a call into an employment law attorney but I am not sure it is going to do any good. But I tell you what I hope all those people invovled in that situation gets what coming to them. Fort Bragg is so CRAPPY when it comes to jobs. It is amazing to me I can't get a break but some people have the best luck in the world.


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