The Birthday Weekend comes to an end

SO I sit here this Sunday afternoon, wrapping up 3 weeks worth of planning for two kids bday parties. Debating whether to hold them together or separate  for the last 2 years I held them together but this time each kid had their own day with their own friends. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of decorations that I made but I am glad. The weekend started out Friday with a Mickey Mouse Party for Bran, he loved it! That's his new obsession Mickey Mouse. HE had a great time with the amount of kids (2 other boys around his age), they chanced each other and he was ready to go to bed.
\Saturday morning was Cat's day, however I had been up since 4 preparing decorations and food. The Alice in Wonderland tea party was a hit, even dad got into character as the mad hatter. My friend Monica got into the act and she was Mad Hatter. I had eat me cookies, drink me potion. So we had this big thing and was going to play The Queen's Croquet-Ground but June 19 it was HOT like already 90 degrees, so we stayed inside! I had so much fun making the decorations, however I RAN SO MUCH SHORT! So I made the cake from scratch, and even my husband was all in the theme he wore a blue hat! The kids loved it, I think it was more for me! I loved doing it! I bought a bubble machine. WE actually had a "Tea Party" it was the Mad Hatter Tea Party! This was for my my daughter’s 9th birthday.  I AM BY NOT a professional event planner or anything, just everyday people who like to browse the internet and pinterest for fun party ideas.  

We made the invitations look like the Queen of Hearts playing card.  And the backs of the cards were paired with a red pattern to make it look even more real.  These were simple to make, print and cut out.

 – Drink Me bottles: were simply kool aid with  an added a little Drink Me tag and ribbon and boom.

– Heart Shaped ham and cheese sandwiches: made by the queen of hearts.  Easy cut outs using a cookie cutter, plus add a little EAT ME tag.
-Eat me cookies

We found cute little sheer bags for $1 each and filled them with an assortment of candy.  Tag it with a TAKE ME tag and it’s ready to go.

We purchased a deck of jumbo cards and strung them up and hung them up all over the ceiling.

These were simply printed on a card stock paper and we added a thick cardboard strip to the backs of them to keep them sturdy.

GIANT FLOWERS, OMG I MADE THESE OUT OF TISSUE PAPER (you should start a week before the party) 

We played “Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat”, a ring toss and a “Color the Roses Red” quiet coloring session.  







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