New Season of Army Wives

THIS was good. I tell you what each season premier and season ending is always a tear jerker, Well readers, let me tell you I was kinda disgusted last season around August with Army Wives, as a matter of fact I stopped watching the show. I just had alot going on my husband was deployed to Iraq, and the unit I worked for was deploying around that time, my daugther was developing a knee problem. It was just too much, to take on their issues, I feel when I watch that show, they are my friends, like I am in their living rooms right there drinking wine, talking about my problems. I get so wrapped up in the show, I know it isn't like that, well at least my life isn't like that all the time, even though sometimes I feel I am on a sitcom!
I was an avid watcher when it first came out in 2007, a week before my son was born, I made sure that I had him on a Monday so I could home the following Sunday.
Man this show hits home dead on the head for me. This new season I was like well I'll give it another shot, since Denise and Frank are back together. Well I was in for a tear jerker, then entire show I cried. I cried so much my head hurts.
I just tell you what I feel their pain, maybe it is because it is real, or I have the same feelings running through me. I have been in Pamela's shoes about having her husband choose career over family. I know her feelings, and I can sympathize with Jeremy. I can understand Denise's pain watching her family being torn apart. For sure I understand Roland, my husband has been deployed this last year, he is on his last few weeks there and I AM SCARED to death he is going to get hurt. Roxie I can't say I have been in her shoes but I have been feeling like her sometimes.
I sure as heck understand Claudia-Joy's feeling with competing with other Army spouses, especially cattie ones who wear their husband's rank. This season is going to be a good one with Army Wives and yes I will be tuning in every Sunday well at least I am going to DVR it.


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