Just re-living some sad things

So I just read this incredibly sad story by a Marine wife who lost her husband a month ago, she is a brand new mom too. It got me to thinking about a friend who lost her husband back in June 09, he actually was killed on my daugther's bday. A very sad thing, I got this phone call, and I didn't answer the phone right away b/c I didn't hear it. It was from a friend, who was calling to inform me that her husband was KIA. After listening to the message, I was like no, he just left from R&R to go back to Afghanistan, this isn't true. Well he was gone like she said. I just couldnt believe it. We were all stationed in Ft Riley together. My husband and her husband were changing their jobs, no longer tankers. They wanted to do something where they didn't have to go on missions. Well he got out of the Army and went into the National Guard or Reserves. Well we got stationed at Bragg. After 2 years being here, he was training her to go to Afganistan right around Thanksgiving. So his wife planned a trip here to spend, we would all spend it together. Well who would have thought that was his last meal with us as friends. It is amazing how things happen within the course of a year. I still think about him, my husband thinks about him. We talk about it, I talk to her on facebook. It is still hard for me...I think I could be in that situation...my husband is on this 4th deployment...each deployment is different.


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