How people view me

So after 10 years of being a military wife, it has been a long, hard, roller coaster. I remember one of my good friends (J) asking me 12 years ago, "do you like being saluted as you go thru the gate?" I never really understand what he was talking about until about 5 years ago. LOL when I first became a "Army Wife" I was working on my Poli Sci degree, 5 classes left to graduate.

I didn't know anything about rank LOL..phhh I thought being married to a solider meant, Revielle at 6am, and people singing songs as they run, going shopping at the PX where coach bags were so much cheaper.

I can sit back and laugh on that now. It still didn't dawn on me until we have re-enlisted for like the 2nd time in the army, being stationed in KS. I had graduted in 2001 with my BA in Poli Sci the year earlier. I was like I want to change the world, what a better place to do it than a solider's wife.

Do you know how many people looked down on my because my husband was enlisted. I had senior NCO spouses looking at me as if I was some dumb backwards country girl. Then I have had some officer spouses look at me as if to say don't talk to me you are enlisted. No matter what I have done, or accomplished under my belt.

I still get treated as SGT C's wife,.... enlisted wife. So now I don't even introduce myself as SGT C's wife, it is just Cris. You know what can I do? I am still doing things to better the community, and I can't wear my husband's rank, so why should all the other spouses? However the officer's spouses still stick together, they have coffee's and socials, there are not any enlisted spouses that I know do that. I just don't think everything should be exclusive, if you want unity then you need to bond with the spouses who make the unit work. We are all in the same boat, our men are deployed, in the same dangers, so who cares if we become friends. Who knows we might learn something from each other.

Thats just my opinion...


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