The Candiate I am voting for NC Senate District 21

Folks, as an army wife living on Fort Bragg, I am voting for Dr. Eric Mansfield for NC Senate District 21. I have looked at all candidates and he is a person that cares what happens. A former army veteran, he knows the issues that military families deal with as well as the issues around Fayetteville.

He is about the issues that I am for: HealthCare, Education and Employment, Economic Recovery.

We need these issues represented in the State especially for Cumberland County. He is a Doctor so he knows healthcare issues, he has children and he knows what education means to them, and finally is a small business owner, he knows how this Economy is affecting everyone to small business owners.

He is outstanding in community service, and reaches out to the people in Cumberland County and around NC. Please go out and vote for this candidate in May 4 primaries.


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