Another MRI

So yesterday we found out that Cat has to have another MRI on her knee and ultra sound on her ankles. The doctor wants to make sure she hasn't torn anything in her knee following her fall, and now he thinks she is going to have problems in her ankles. My poor kid, I just don't know. She did good yesterday, 6 xrays 10 vials of blood being taken. Wow, if everything comes back ok we start her on methotraxte for her knee, then schedule her knee injection surgery. Pending her asthma doesn't act up. Wow will it never end? I just want it to go away..I wonder was it because I got sick when I was pregnant with her, I was diagnosed with Pre-Clampsia when I had her. So is this an indication? I don't know I know it is just bugging me she can't cheer, or run good. She can't even bend her knee.


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