So I have decided

Ok so I have decided to try this online journal, I am not much of a handwriter for the fact that I am a mom of three and I have no personal space. My personal belongs some how end up in my kids rooms....I have decided to write a book about Vampires. Well I started my research back in May, and I have read a few books, fiction and non fiction. However I want to find out in my research are there such things as real vampires? Not just people posing or Role Players, real life vampires. Immortal who live centuries. I have read over some websites that say no there is no such thing as immortality, the vampires today are succeptable to diseases just like humans. Well I don't know..deep down after reading Vampire Diaries and Twlight, is it possible to find someone who is charismatic, romantic, brave, and strong? Someone with old world manners in this modern day age? I keep asking myself, am I questioning religion? I don't want to be, I am a good Christian person who loves God. Am I playing with religion by trying to find out? Is this some hype from back in the day when things couldn't have been explained? Is there such thing as good and evil, and towns/cities are the breeding ground for un-explained mysteries? I have so many questions, and no one who can answer this. You know I feel silly talking about this to my family, who already thinks I am nutz. Well like i said this is my journey, let's see where this will take me.


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