What goes around comes around.....

I always tell my friends you can never plan anything in the army, always plan for the unexpected. The way you treat people in life speaks a level of degree about your attitude as well as your chances of success in life. Always remember what goes around comes around.
I have been involved in numerous organizations affialted with the ARMY while stationed at our second duty station, the FRG (Family Readiness Group), ESC (Enlisted Spouses Club), HASFR (Historical and Archelogical Society at Fort Riley), and AFTB Instructor (Army Family Team Building). I can say that out of all my volunteer activities the FRG has left me with not such a good experience. By all means I want you to participate in your FRG but beware of some wives. Not all FRGs are the same; some units have great support groups, while others however, favor on the lacking side. I am very big on participating in the FRG, since we all share a common bond, our husbands are in the military and will probably get deployed together.
My grandma always told me that different people make the world go around but some people just haven't learned that lesson. I have noticed at this duty station many wives associate with you or not associate with you because of your husband's rank. Keep in mind that my husband is just a SGT (e-5). We have been in the same unit for almost 4 years and have been though numerous changes of commands from the company level all the way up to Brigade level. This last change of command for our company I can honestly say has been the worst. Since we have been here 4 years I have seen many families come and go, and I have always participated in some way with the FRG.

By Crystal Cavalier Copyright 2005


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