Midwestern Life...it isn't for me...the beginning.

We have been stationed out here in Kansas since 2002, I know only 3 years but God does it seem like a life time. When we first moved out here, this was the first time I had ever drived this far west, the further's I had been west was TN ( I am from NC). I usually travel North and South. I was thinking it would just be flat as a pancake, I was so wrong. When we got through the mountains of KY, it got flat though IL, and flat in MO, but Kansas had some rolling hills and plains. Granted you can see a great distance but I thought it was flat. Well we first get here, and it is cold as I don't know what. Colder than I had ever experienced. We sign into housing, and get guest housing for a week. That was hard to do, this was our first move together that our household goods didn't come with us.....


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