Nuclear Power Plants are CLOSER to you than you think

Ok so this Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan is very scary this is a SERIOUS situation, there was some radioactive steam that escaped. Are you kidding me?  SOMETHING ELSE for me to store in my brain.

Let me quote CNN, This is a situation that has the potential for a nuclear catastrophe. It's basically a race against time, because what has happened is that plant operators have not been able to cool down the core of at least two reactors," said Robert Alvarez, a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington.

It has me to thinking, I live down the road from a Nuclear Power off of HWY 1, I bet some of you all didn't know we lived down the road from a Nuclear Power Plant it is called HARRIS. Every time I drive past it going to Raleigh it catches my eye, and I am just amazed how close it is to us. Ok don't know where it is still, ok think Jordan Lake! Yes there is another lake beside Jordan Lake called Harris Lake and that is just for the power plant.

I have read all the safety brochures about it and I tell you what, I pray that some random tornado, hurricane or earthquake doesn't damage it. If it does we are in some deep crap! They did say by remaining indoors you can reduce the radioactive effects. You can take some tablets that help reduce the effects but, Just in case it does happen here are the local county health department numbers:

Chatham County Health Department 1.919.542.8214
Harnett County Health Department 1.910.893.7550
Lee County Health Department 1.919.718.4640
Wake County Human Services 1.919.212.7000

YALL SEE THAT Harnett yes Harnett County! Yes Linden Oaks folks something else to worry about!

Just a little information from the brochure there are 4 types of emergencies

Classification of Emergencies
There are four different classifications of emergencies that could occur at a nuclear power plant. The classifications help state and county officials and plant personnel determine how they will respond to each
kind of problem.

Unusual Event
This is the least serious of the four emergency classifications. It means there is an event at the plant, but it would not affect the public.

This event could reduce the level of safety at the plant. There is still no danger to the public. State and county officials and Progress Energy might decide to activate their emergency centers, just in case the situation gets worse.

Site Area Emergency
This event could lower the safety of the plant, but probably not enough to pose a danger to the public. The sirens would be sounded to alert the public to listen to local radio and television stations for information and instructions.

General Emergency
This is the most serious event that could occur at the plant. State and county officials would take action to protect the public. Sirens will be sounded and local radio and television stations will give instructions to the public living in affected areas. They would be told to evacuate from the area, shelter in place or take
potassium iodide (KI).


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